Total Technocore

ArtistLos Borradores
TypeStudio Album
Genreblackened techno
Released  December 31, 2013
LabelBallsack Records
NextThe Future 2.0

Total Technocore is the debut album by Los Borradores, released in 2013.

The album was recorded in Monterrey, Mexico with financing from Ballsack Records.  Monoglio Feldalpus played keyboards, sang, and wrote all the songs.

The album is considered a blackened techno classic due to its innovative use of fast keyboards and shrieked vocals. Feldalpus was quite happy with the sound of the new album, saying, "I modeled it after 'Brutal Blackened Technocore', and that's the sound I think it moves forward on."


The album was released on December 31, 2013, and quickly broke all sales records, according to Ballsack Records' CEO, Ed. People camped out in front of record stores for two weeks prior to the release of the album in order to be able to be the first to get their hands on it.  Several people were beat to death by angry mobs for grabbing a copy of the album and trying to sprint to the register. The record made Los Borradores and Ballsack Records incredibly rich, despite the attempts of Ballsack Records to screw Los Borradores over.


  1. Sludgy Gutter
  2. The Beast's Rage
  3. Mexican Angst
  4. Human Filth
  5. Drug Abuser
  6. Bullfighter
  7. Taco Stand
  8. Mexican Military
  9. Corrupt Government
  10. Attack Dogs