The G(r)ay Katt

BornOctober 2, 1984 (age 29)
Genreglam rock, biebercore
Instrumentsdrums, keyboards
Years Active2006-2010, 2014-present
LabelBallsack Records
Associated ActsJose & the PussykatsThe Enforcer

Gaylord McFarrnegan (born October 2, 1984), better known by his stage name The G(r)ay Katt or simply Katt, is the drummer for the band Jose & the Pussykats.  He is also the live drummer of the whore metal band The Enforcer.


Early Life (1984-1999)

Gaylord was abandoned by his parents at a young age.  He was adopted by Carl McFarrnegan sometime in 1986.  He was raised by McFarrnegan and his gay lover, Sammi Chi.  The three were huge fans of Mötley Crüe, and Katt recalls group masturbation sessions in which they would circle jerk to Mötley Crüe music videos.  In 1998, Sammi and Carl were arrested for possessing cocaine.  Gaylord ran away and lived on his own.

Jose & the Pussykats and Hiatus (2006-present)

Gaylord met Jóse Morenna sometime in 2005, and they started a band in 2006 called Jose & the Pussykats with Dr. Pussy.  They lead the new wave of cock-rock along with Sexxx.  Their first album, The 8===D, made them very successful.  In 2008, Katt began listening to Bring Me the Horizon.  The band greatly influenced his musical tastes as Mötley Crüe once did.  He showed the rest of the band, and they quickly changed their direction.  Their next album, You Have a Small Wang, I Have a Mega Boner for Your Girlfriend, went more in the direction of biebercore and caused a lot of controversy.  The band went into hiding after millions of Chinese men were enraged by the album's racist content.

The band reformed in 2014 with Katt returning on drums and keyboards.