The 8===D

JPk album 1
ArtistJose & the Pussykats
TypeStudio Album
Genreglam rock
Released  June 9, 2007
LabelBallsack Records
NextYou Have a Small Wang

The 8===D is the first album from the glam band Jose & the Pussykats.  It was part of the new wave of cock-rock, along with Sexxx's album Sexxx 2: Harder.

The album was praised by critics and beat Sexxx 2: Harder in sales.  Ballsack Records made loads of cash off of JPk with this release, the most money they would make until Los Borradores's Total Technocore was released in 2013.

The track "The Gay Show" is one of the band's most famous.  It features the 71-year-old Dr. Pussy on vocals.  It details his experiences with Charlie's Gay Carnival.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Wank Me
  3. Slut
  4. Ultimate Cock
  5. Circ-Jerk
  6. 9
  7. Stoney
  8. xxxSUPERxSTUDxxx
  9. Wank Me Harder
  10. C.U.M.
  11. Biotches On Our Dixxx
  12. Bring Your Mom (And a Camera)
  13. The Gay Show
  14. Outro (The XXX Exxxperience)