Smokin' the Vine

ArtistSkinny Dippers
TypeStudio Album
Genreprogressive rock
acid rock
stoner/doom metal
Released  May 19, 1998
LabelAcid Records
NextBo J's

Smokin' the Vine was the last album released by Skinny Dippers on Acid Records.

The album took a more progressive direction than any of their previous records. It also is one of their longest albums, approaching two and a half hours.

The album features covers of songs by CathedralSoundgardenAcid Bath, and Winter.

Track Listing

  1. Cuddle
  2. Rock 'n' Roll On Acid
  3. A Funeral Request [Cathedral cover]
  4. Smokin' the Vine
  5. Pool of Sorrow
  6. Sex On Drugs
  7. Dark Is the Night (Bright Is My High)
  8. The Package
  9. My Inner Self
  10. Holy Water [Soundgarden cover]
  11. I Don't Drink
  12. 7-Pointed Leaf
  13. Scream of the Butterfly [Acid Bath cover]
  14. Eternal Frost [Winter cover]
  15. Getting High at Night
  16. Holy Smoke*
  17. Bad Acid Trip*

[*]bonus tracks


  • Karl Varr - guitars
  • Jay Stöpenmyer - bass
  • Däv Kornwallace - guitars, vocals
  • Jack Sykes - drums
  • Wizzard - sitar, bongos