Sexxx 2: Harder

TypeStudio Album
Genreglam rock
Released  June 9, 2007
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousSexxx 1: Intimate Experiences
NextSexxx 3: Forbidden Fruit

Sexxx 2: Harder is an album by the Hollywood hair metal band Sexxx. The album is notorious for breaking up the band for the second time.

The album was recorded in California in 2007 with the funding of Ballsack Records. The label made 30,000 copies of the album, but only 11 sold in the album's first months on shelves, leading Ballsack Records to recall the album and make the band pay a $69,000 dollar fine for the unsold albums.

When guitarist and singer Luis O'Connor was asked where the 29,989 copies of the album that did not sell where, he said "None of your freaking business" implying that the lost copies of the album are still hidden somewhere.


The album is similar to Sexxx's first album, Sexxx 1: Intimate Experiences. The album had no musicianship and was a cock-rock record. However, it failed in its only aim, and just ended up wasting a lot of money.

Track Listing

All songs written by Luis O'Connor.

  1. Harder
  2. Spank Me, Baby
  3. I Like It
  4. Deep Inside
  5. Use Your Head
  6. Bang-Bang Play
  7. Outercourse
  8. Thickness
  9. Sex Appeal
  10. Aroused by Pain
  11. Augmentated
  12. Hammered