Particle Desert

ArtistSkynni DipperZ
TypeStudio Album
Genrestoner metal
Released  March 11, 2011
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousBo J's
NextBox of Weed

Particle Desert is the sixth studio album by the stoner band Skynni DipperZ.

After signing to Ballsack Records and releasing Bo J's, Skynni DipperZ became angry with the label.  They had no say in the writing or recording of Bo J's.  The album performed poorly due to this.  In 2003, the band recorded their next album behind Ed's back.  They presented him the final product, but it was not released. Ed believed that stoner rock would not make his label any money, so he shelved the record.  Skynni DipperZ subsequently went on hiatus.  The album was later released in 2011 and was sold out within a few days.

The record uses more metal elements than previous releases, but the band maintains their "trippy" sound.

Track Listing

  1. Unhinged
  2. Celestial Beings
  3. Flowers for the Bastards
  4. Cotton Candy Clouds
  5. jam 1
  6. Psychotic
  7. Joint at the Head
  8. jam 2
  9. jam 3
  10. A Pleasant Trip


  • Karl Varr - guitars, vocals
  • Jay Stöpenmyer - bass
  • Däv Kornwallace - guitars, vocals
  • Jack Sykes - drums
  • The Wizzard - sitar